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Combatting Internet Trolls Online can seem daunting, but in a recent study conducted by Brigham Young University and co-authored by BYU communications professor Dr. Scott Church and former BYU graduate Daniel Montez concluded that; their true nature was revealed. The concluded that Trolls share similar personality traits and that will allow us to combat internet [...]
Content creation for small business – shit show or worth the effort? Basically, it’s a bit of shit show right now; content creation for small business has never been harder, and never been more essential. Thanks to the ever-changing algorithms, the demands placed upon small businesses are at an all-time high in terms of content [...]
How does the brain work?  To understand buying behaviour you need to have a basic grasp of how the brain works. There’s nothing straightforward about the brain; it’s a magical, awe inspiring neural engine that beggars belief. Science has come a long way in the past thirty years; we have learned so much about how [...]
What is Neuromarketing? Or, more accurately, WTF is neuromarketing? The term is being bandied about left and right at the moment, but just what is neuromarketing and why should you care? Technically speaking, neuromarketing is all about research, the study of behaviour in relation to marketing messages. Recently, the term has been expanded to include [...]
We are live! After 9 months of preparation we are live and ready to start helping small businesses bark like a big dog! All the same team (and a few new recruits) are here as normal, but our focus has narrowed, from today we will be a content development agency, helping small and medium sized [...]