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Branding isn’t about pretty pictures and intricate logo design; your brand is a promise to your stakeholders (internal & external). It’s a living portrait of what you believe in, what you’re passionate about, and what people can expect from your business. It’s pictures, logos and everything all mixed up into a compelling story that speaks the truth, and offers a promise of what’s to come. So, when we look at your brand, we’re more focused on your message – of course we love amazing design too. Logos are a great anchor, but nobody ever rejected a product or service because the logo was ugly. But, plenty have rejected brands because they failed to live up to the promises they made. When it comes to branding get your head straight about what really matters, don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the colour palette or the inner curve of the font. Start and end with your promise, the rest is icing on the cake.

To illustrate the point, here’s our core message.

We know our stuff.

You can afford us.

We’ll never let you down.

Part of that message is our visual identity. We’re not stuffy, or precious, and we love to have fun with our work. We are all about quality, commitment and we have a serious passion for marketing and helping our clients be successful.  Our colour palette is light, confident and fun. And, because our subconscious brains cannot resist cute, we have encapsulated all of that in our lovable mascot Barkly Dog.  Together it creates a picture of us and what matters to every member of our team.

What’s your brand promise?

bark like a big dog - barkly dog branding



bark like a big dog - barkly dog visual identity




We’re not your typical marketing content agency. Nope. Everything we do is drenched in behavioural science. Our strategists are expert, fully qualified marketers, all trained in the application of neuromarketing. We make sure our designs work for the subconscious brain (that’s the bit that makes all your decisions) which is key, as the emotional core of your brain can’t read. Let that sink in. Give the brain what it wants and it will like you, it might even stick around long enough to buy from you.

Neuromarketing with Bark Like A Big Dog