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Have you got a love hate relationship with LinkedIn? You know it’s a goldmine for leads and networking, but you seriously can’t be bothered with keeping up with it? Or maybe you’re just too busy. Either way, our ‘done for you’ LinkedIn Service is here to take the pain away.

Not only will we make sure your profile is fully optimised, we’ll create amazing (customised) content, distribute it, and if you want to add that little extra zip, we’ll even do the engagement you need on each post to make sure your profile sky rockets.

Our Service is split into two phases, Onboarding & a rolling subscription. During onboarding we review & rework your profile, prepare competitive research to position the profile appropriately, develop a 3 month content strategy and create branded content template for your posts.

We’ll put your message front and centre on LinkedIn, all you have to do is respond to the messages/leads that come in. Sorted.

Barkly linkedin

Optimise. Connect. Win.

The ultimate 'done for you' LinkedIn Service.


We're not your typical marketing content agency. Nope. Everything we do is drenched in behavioural science. Our strategists are expert, fully qualified marketers, all trained in the application of neuromarketing. We make sure our designs work for the subconscious brain (that's the bit that makes all your decisions) which is key, as the emotional core of your brain can't read. Let that sink in. Give the brain what it wants and it will like you, it might even stick around long enough to buy from you.

Neuromarketing with Bark Like A Big Dog