Bark Like A Big Dog is ready start barking!

We are live! After 9 months of preparation we are live and ready to start helping small businesses bark like a big dog! All the same team (and a few new recruits) are here as normal, but our focus has narrowed, from today we will be a content development agency, helping small and medium sized businesses kick ass!

Bark Like A Big Dog isn’t like other agencies and that’s deliberate. I’ve changed everything about how we operate, from the systems we use to distribute content, to the focus each team member has.  This has enabled me to reimagine the agency model into something that fits for today and the future. These changes have enabled us to deliver more than ever before, and at crazy low prices.

My goal is to provide small business with the kind of content that is usually the preserve of the big companies. It seems to me that at a time when small business need expert help (when they’re just setting out) is the time they can least afford it. Not any more. Our mission is to relieve the burden of creating content, leaving them free to focus on their business without emptying their bank accounts on marketing support.

So, here we go. I’ve never been more excited about anything. I wake up every day grateful for my lot; we’re all doing what we love.

Thanks to everyone on my team for making this possible and all my lovely clients who are on this journey with us.

Let’s all bark our heads off and make some noise!

Say hello to Barkly, the most lovable, barky dog in town. He’s our heart.